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 Modern Medicine vs Alternative Healing: The Gloves Come Off

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PostSubject: Modern Medicine vs Alternative Healing: The Gloves Come Off   Tue Nov 17, 2009 12:04 pm

First and foremost, both modern medicine and alternative healing can coexist together, so why such a heated subject? I have devoted my entire life to medicine. I was born into it, generations of medical professionals surrounded me from my earliest memories and still do presently. I was doing book reports in elementary school on my mom's college anatomy books, by the age 16 I was going to college studying medicine and working in the medical field. I had abandoned human medicine at this point due to my disrespect of insurance companies and big pharmaceutical corporations in human medicine. (I've always distrusted them.)

I have friends and relatives in the medical field who have become so disenfranchised with it because they feel they are nothing more than glorified salesmen, pimping out the newest treatments, drugs, cures, and flavor of the week medication the pharmaceutical companies produce.

The pharmaceutical companies are a giant industry with their bottom line, not your health in mind. Why else would drugs be advertised to the lay person via tv commercials? The population at large do not, and cannot know what medication is right for them, only their doctor can know that. So why, other that bringing in larger profits would big pharma advertise to anyone other than medical professionals?

Alternative healing techniques such as massage, reiki, homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbology, supplements, diets, ayurveda, energy work and folklore have been pushed aside by the medical machine at large. These are cures, treatments, and techniques that have been proven to work. Yet so many dismiss them simply because we are taught they are nothing but voodoo.

So let's discuss why they are not utilized or advertised as effective. Let's get to the bottom of this before any more people have to suffer, dying in a hospital bed. Let's understand it before another person is denied care because of lack of insurance. There are cures out there. It's a matter of looking for them, working to harness nature and putting in some research and effort.

Big Pharma and the Medical Machine are denying you, through propaganda, deceit and soaring health care costs of a healthy, happy and natural existence.

*Disclaimer, while I am securely on the side of Alternative Healing, I do also concede that modern medicine is necessary for some things. I just want to make sure people are informed of the other, most times more effective, safe and inexpensive options out there.

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Modern Medicine vs Alternative Healing: The Gloves Come Off
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