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 Humanitarianism and Activism Sections

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PostSubject: Humanitarianism and Activism Sections   Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:07 pm

I'm still debating having the Humanitarianism sections here at all. I want so much for this place to be a haven of tranquil energy and I fear that controversial ideas, news and beliefs will upset this balance. My hope is that it becomes a place to connect and have a meeting of the minds about issues that must be brought to light and discussed. But if I find that it becomes a problem or a source of stress, anger and animosity, be assured it will be removed.

Thank you all for understanding my manic psyche and putting up with me through all the birthing pains Smile

"The wave lives the life of the wave and at the same time, the life of the water."
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Humanitarianism and Activism Sections
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