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 Feng Shui basics

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PostSubject: Feng Shui basics   Feng Shui basics EmptyMon Jan 04, 2010 5:41 pm

ok, to start this topic section off I thought I'd start posting thing I 'know' abut Feng Shui and hopefully start a discussion of the elements of the practices, the possible origins of those practices and such ...

DUSCLAIMER - I am not 'schooled' in Feng Shui but I did spend a summer working with an old Chinese guy who seemed to know his shit, and I've read a bunch about it ...

some basics I try to apply;

in the sleeping room do Not place the Head of the bed near a window.

do Not plant a tree (or allow a tree to remain) if it blocks the passage from the 'front' of the property to the main entrance.

be choosy when deciding on an addition to an existing structure.

Everything lives on The Dragon (Earth) and the spirit of the Dragon exists everywhere we choose to build. where we choose to build is as important as what we choose to build.

the worst place to live is on the Dragon's Snout in front of its eyes.

so - any thoughts, advice, additional info, suggestions, feedback, disputing or debunking?
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PostSubject: Re: Feng Shui basics   Feng Shui basics EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 10:00 pm

I have always subscribed to a very basic standard when it comes to applying Feng Shui techniques in my home. It always seems like such a giant undertaking when you're first introduced to this Eastern concept, but if you focus on a few, almost common sense, concepts it gets much easier. It takes a bit of understanding before embarking on any sort of application, but even the most basic concepts can easily be understood once you break it all down.

First, and this gets beaten into my skull constantly with many of my various studies, is that you have to accept that everything is composed of energy and everything emanates this energy. It's called by different names depending on what you are studying, the Chinese know it as chi, or qi literally translated "life force energy". In Japanese it's ki and in India it's called Prana. Everything is energy and energy is everything. This is the most basic concept of Feng Shui.

Once you allow the above to become your mantra you can begin to assess your surroundings. You need to use your mind a little here and try to visualize your house as a place where energy swirls all around you. Energy from non living things like furniture, energy from those around you and energy from things like plants and animals.

You begin to see things take on new meanings, like a leaky drain suddenly becomes a metaphor for wastefulness in your everyday life. A garbage can that is on display in the kitchen becomes an analogy for an unhealthy diet. So too do pictures of decrepit buildings or photos of when you were not happy in your life start to emanate negative energy into your surroundings.

So where does one begin?

The first thing I did was decide that the clutter around my house, though minimal, was blocking a natural and beneficial flow of energy. I cleaned out cupboards, under beds, straightened drawers and inside pantries and closets. Almost immediately I felt this rush of 'clean, fresh' non stagnant current surge through my home.

Adding color is another great way to soothe tumultuous energy or rejuvenate a dull area. Although there are obvious correspondences between certain colors and those things we wish to attract or emotions we want to harness or strengthen. For example red is for passion or green to bring financial security. But for me, I have always followed my heart when it comes to color. If it makes you feel awake, aware, inspired, creative, loved or any other positive emotion employ it!!! Feng Shui is about bringing to life that which you desire, and the law of attraction states that what we believe we are, we become!

I also aspire to surround myself with nature and natural elements. Water, greenery and flowers bring a vital and recharging energy to any room in which they are placed. Plants especially, because they utilize the carbon dioxide in the air that we exhale and return oxygen to the environment through cellular respiration keep the atmosphere clean and renewed. Water too is great in fountain form as it collects animated energy and recirculates it throughout the room/house in an endless circuit.

Anchoring is another technique that uses objects to reroute and calm exuberant energies or to stimulate stagnant areas like barren corners. Stairs and hallways are like slingshots for energy, they propel the essences down them. To stave off this occurrence it is suggested you place an object at the end of the hallway or stairs or use a crystal to divert the energetic forces. In dark solitary corners or areas where energy can get trapped place a plant or a light. This will keep the energy from becoming stagnant in this space.

I am a big fan of night lights. This and plants have become my answer to every tough aspect I have encountered and to date it has worked wonders. Mix the two by placing a night light behind a plant or for my favorite effect place some small white strands of Christmas lights throughout the plant for an almost ethereal sparkle.

During the day I adore candles, they make me feel mystical even in the mundane. And remember, it's all about attitude!!

Again, these are the few techniques I have easily executed around my home. They are the most basic and for me, the ones that make the most sense.

"The wave lives the life of the wave and at the same time, the life of the water."
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Feng Shui basics
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