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 Simple Ways to Unwind and Re-energize

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Simple Ways to Unwind and Re-energize Empty
PostSubject: Simple Ways to Unwind and Re-energize   Simple Ways to Unwind and Re-energize EmptySun Nov 15, 2009 1:27 pm

The world moves at break-neck speed. How can we refresh and recharge when we only have a few precious moments to spare? Here are some things to try, that really work to calm, focus and energize your mind, body and soul.

Pranic Breathing or Pranayama is a breathing technique that allows your body to relax and you mind to focus. You can do it anywhere for as long or as little as you have time for. This technique brings you back to center and is great for grounding. First you need to place you tongue to the roof of your mouth, this helps to circulate energy throughout your body. Be sure to breath with you diaphragm and not your chest. Inhale through your nose for six counts, hold for three. Then exhale for six and again hold for three. The 6-3-6-3 completes one whole cycle.

Self Massage is another great tool when you feel overloaded or run down. Instinctively we tend to rub our temples when things get crazy in our lives. I myself carry a mixture of eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils in sweet almond oil in a small glass container in my purse. Not only are the scents invigorating (and can be modified to your own preference) but the essential oils have healing qualities themselves. Just a few drops in a carrier, such as my sweet almond oil, is all that is needed to make a delightful and stimulating massage oil. Just dab a few drops n your fingers and you are halfway to re-energizing yourself. You can rub you temples, the webbing between you fingers, below you ears, your temporomandibular joint (jaw hinge) or even your shoulders. If you have more time and are in an area where you have some privacy, you can rub your feet as well. The gentle strokes will ease physical tension and the aromatherapy will calm your mind.

If you feel creative and are at home, try a sugar and lemon juice hand exfoliate. It's quick and easy and the results are amazing. We spend a lot of time washing our hands, but rarely do we care for them as we should. Taking five minutes to combine a tablespoon of sugar in your palm with a teaspoon of lemon juice to make a paste makes an incredible (and affordable) hand scrub. If you don't have fresh lemons you can supplement with apple juice or even olive oil. The sugar will slough off dead skin cells and the lemon juice acts as an antibacterial/antimicrobial. Rub for at least three minutes and then rinse with tepid water. If you're like me, this will become a favorite pampering activity. *Works great on feet too*

A nature walk is one of the easiest ways to clear your head and bring you back to center. Make a point of just being with yourself and nature. Really immerse yourself in it's greatness. Stop and smell those flowers! Watch the bees pollinate them and listen to the songs of the birds. Feel the breeze (or the gusts) on your face and breath in the sunshine. Enliven every sense with the blessing of nature.

Practice positivity. It sounds so easy and almost comical, but this little piece of advice will bring you such fortune and happiness. It's true that like attracts like and if you are a gloomy individual who seems to be followed by a dark cloud, perhaps you need an attitude adjustment. It's as simple as smiling at a stranger on the street or saying thank you to someone. When you allow your heart to be filled with joy inwardly, it will affect everyone around you outwardly too.

No matter how much or how little time you have, there are little things you can do to change your perspective, to revitalize your inner being and to bring health and happiness to you in this chaotic and stressful world we inhabit.
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Simple Ways to Unwind and Re-energize
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