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 Rank and Titles

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PostSubject: Rank and Titles   Rank and Titles EmptyMon Nov 16, 2009 10:52 pm

As it sits, there is a ranking system that goes by post count. It is based on the stages of enlightenment in Buddhism. No, there are no special privileges that come with the ranks it's just a fun way to honor everyone's contributions.

Ranks and Titles:

Puthujjana- 0-99

Sotapanna- 100-249

Sakadagami- 250-499

Anagami- 500-849

Bhodisattva- 850-1249

Arahant- 1250 and above

Be advised however, this is all subject to change on a whim or as my mood changes while we are still in the developmental stages. So if that name under your screen name randomly changes and is not based upon post count, it's because I was hit with some kind of inspiration or boredom, either way consider yourselves warned. Wink

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Rank and Titles
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