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The Mystics Compendium

From Seeker to Sage; Bless'd are those who walk the Spiritual Path
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 Big Changes

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PostSubject: Big Changes   Big Changes EmptyTue Jun 22, 2010 6:05 pm

I know.. I haven't been here in a while. Life, as it always does pulled me in other directions, but I am back and back with a vengeance. After seeing a great need for a resource for Pagan/Wiccan Clergy I quickly adapted the once 'Edible Lifestyle" forum to this, new and improved "Mystics Compendium" to fill that hole the internet left gaping. It is my hope that this still be a haven for natural living and natural healing, but now it is seasoned with some good ol' fashioned Heathenism, which go nicely hand in hand.

Of course this means more writing for me, but I love it.

As always, change isn't something that manifests over night. As this site undergoes some rearranging I invite everyone to message me or use the Report and Support section for suggestions!! This place is nothing without it's beloved members. You are why I am constantly inspired, you helped me make this and will continue to have a profound effect on the outcome of this forum, always.

And I can't forget those who have seen me through everything, their guidance and steadfastness by my side has made all the difference in who I am today.

Bless'd be friends, and welcome once again Smile


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Big Changes
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